Saturday, June 12, 2004


Hiya! Since I had my first baby I moved in with the father of my child. I'm so happy I moved away from my mom. She's just so negative.

Anyway, the place is huge. His parents own about six acres of land behind his house, and it's beautiful here. Tonight, for the first time in years, I saw huge swarms of fireflies! They were everywhere, dancing around the trees and vines like magic. It's a fact that Fireflies are my favorite bugs. There are plenty of them here too! I've also seen several different types of Dragonflies since I moved over here. I sat by the woods holding the baby while his father chased the fireflies. He caught some and showed them to him, who stared in wonder. I was kinda hoping one would land on the baby's nose so I could see his reaction.

Earlier, after doing some work painting my old bedroom at my mom's house, I found some of my artwork she had hidden on me. She's so weird. I don't know why she wants to take my art and hide it. It's not like it's worth anything, really. When I got back to my boyfriends place, we went to his neighbors house. They had a large family gathering. I showed off the baby and my reclaimed artwork to everyone. I was even prompted to do portraits of some of the guests. Everyone was pretty thrilled to see how I drew them. We played dominoes, my first time ever playing, and then we waved goodbye walked back up to the house to have some Ice Cream with the baby. ^_^ Ah ... it was a good day. I'm about to eat dinner! I promise I'll post again really soon!